We provide energy solutions to businesses by refueling fleets at locations that are convenient to you.

Eliminate long queues at the petrol stations with Tank it On-Site fuel delivery and significantly reduce fleet transit time. Make the most of a hassle-free experience lead by expert HAZMAT trained technicians and enjoy a seamless recurring service. Our fuel offerings include a mix of Diesel Fuel in UAE.

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Tank it’s fuel delivery platforms are connected to smart devices that authenticate tank metering and dispensing, with precise calibration of flow meters to ensure the delivery of correct volumes in pre-authenticated vehicles.

Obtain immediate data access with our RFID installation that guarantees a fast, expertly operated delivery.

With our smart dashboards, you have access to various reporting tools, empowering your business to make better-informed decisions.

What’s more, you can benefit from a discount on our services when you commit to

a 12-month contract with us.

Tank it allows you to control fuel costs, optimize cash flows, efficiently use resources and minimize maintenance of your fleet. In short, Tank it saves you money.